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                                            n  Office Bearers for the year 2021 – 23
                                               & Executive Committee Members of
                                               NSC-KC  5
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           January - March 2021  Vol. 43 No. 1
 National Safety Council   SURAKSHA                                6
               Deefie> megj#ee GHekeÀjCeeW JeÀe jKejKeeJe Deeie
  Kerala Chapter  JesÀ KelejeW JeÀes JeÀce JeÀjves JesÀ efue³es cenlkeHetCe& nw  FACE TO FACE
 Our Objectives  is a key to mitigate fire hazards  n  Activities of NSC - KC   Beyond The Demolition   31
                   Maintenance of
                 FIRE SAFETY EQUIPMENT
                                                                               Abiding By The Law
                                                                               An Interview with
                                                                               Dr. R Venugopal,
                                            n  Annual General Body-January 2021 6
  To organise training programmes, lectures, seminars,   n  Executive Committee
 conferences,competitions and other activities for promoting      Meeting-February 2021  6
                                            n  Samoohya Suraksha Award - 2020 7
            Quarterly Journal of National Safety Council - Kerala Chapter   n  Training Programmes 7
                  
         Cover theme:                       n  HSE Forum Monthly Evening Talk 10
 among industrial employees, managements and other interested organisations;  Depiction of theme for National Fire   n  Presentation for Excellence in
         Service Week - 2021.                  Safety Management 10
 To conduct educational campaigns to arouse public opinion and interest
 ofthe employees, employers and the general public in safety; To
 encourage and recognise excellence in safety performance by   Editorial Board
 organisations and individuals;  Dr. Ramesh VM, (Editor)
         Shri. Dilip Madhavan (Assistant Editor)
  To enlist the co-operation and support of public and private                                        37
 organisations interested in the promotion of industrial safety, road   Shri. A Manaf Abdulla (Member)
 safety, home safety and beyond;  Shri. Prof. (Dr.) V R Renjith (Member)        ARTICLE
         Shri. Jayakumar G (Member)                                            Getting Lockout Tagout Right!
  To suggest improvement, calculated to prevent accidents in      11           Piyush Gulati (SIIRSM,
 the central and state laws, procedures and practices.  n  50  National        GradIOSH, IDip NEBOSH)
                                               Safety Week-2021                from E-Square Alliance

                                            n  Safety Week Programmes 11
                                            n  Valedictory Function 13
                                            n  Winners List 15
                                            n  Safety Week Celebrations at
                                               different organisations in Kerala 19
                                            n  Award Distribution 22
         The views expressed in this journal are those
         of authors and need not necessarily reflect the   n  Individual Competitions 27
         policies and views of the National Safety Council-
         Kerala Chapter. All right reserved. Reproduction
         in any form only will the written permission of
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                                                                                        Suraksha  I  January - March 2021  3
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