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                                            Dear Safety Professional,

                                            Wishing you a healthy, safe and eco-friendly 2021!
                                            We are in the first quarter of 2021.

                                            As our state of Kerala continues to fiercely battle against the virus that changed
                                            our lives over a year ago, let us continue to follow all the safety measures as
                                            suggested by our Government from time to time. One of the health gifts of
                                            2021 is a shield of protection against Covid-19. As I pen my thoughts, the recent
                                            Government of India announcement on vaccination for seniors and citizens aged
                                            over 45 years with comorbidities starting March 2021. This gives us hope for a
                                            safer and healthier 2021.

                                            This year marks the Golden Jubilee of the National Safety Day Observance which
                                            was first launched in the year 1972. The National Safety Council was formed in the
                                            year 1966 to serve society by creating a preventive culture, scientific mindset and
                                            organized approach to Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) issues. We will
                                            continue to work towards imbibing a safety mindset in the hearts of professionals
                                            and their families cut across different sectors of the work spectrum. We aspire to
                                            spread the behavioural safety mindset in the various facets of society which will
                                            not only help us achieve the SDG 3.6 (on halving the number of global deaths and
                                            injuries from road traffic accidents) but also provide us with a safer space around us.

                                            Climate change is a global concern. We have been witness to its multidimensional
                                            manifestations  ranging  from  floods  and  landslides  in  different  parts  of  the
                                            country, the emergence of new drought spots, cloudbursts and change in rainfall
                                            patterns. To add to this endless list; is the recent Uttarakhand Glacial Burst. This is
                                            a gentle reminder that we must proliferate our efforts to heal our Earth.

                                            In our efforts to minimize the use of paper, our quarterly magazine “Suraksha” will
                                            go online from the next issue, April-June 2021 onwards. We request all members
                                            to update the details of email ID and WhatsApp mobile number in the request
                                            given to members. In order to ensure ease of interaction and communication, we
                                            will soon have  WhatsApp groups as well. Stay connected with us through our new
                                            email address

                                            I take this opportunity to thank every hand that has helped us in our HSE efforts.
                                            We look forward to greeting several new hands this year to walk hand-in-hand;
                                            following all Covid-19 protocols to a safer, healthier and greener globe.
                                            Best wishes for a prosperous and peaceful 2021

                                            Dr. Ramesh VM
                                            Hon. Secretary
                                            National Safety Council-Kerala Chapter

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