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Activities of NSC - KC

          Members of NSC - KC

          Annual General Body-January 2021
          The  Annual  General  Body  of  National   NSC-KC welcomed the gathering and   to all members and office staff for their
          Safety Council-Kerala Chapter was held   Shri. K V Ramachandran, Former Vice   support and co-operation extended. Fifty
          on 30  January 2021 at Safety Training   Chairman presided over the meeting.   one Committee Members attended the
          and Research Centre (STARC). Shri. M   Shri. Beno P Kurians, Honorary Treasurer   meeting.
          Thomas Kadavan, Honorary Secretary,   proposed the vote of thanks to the Chair,

          Executive Committee Meeting-February 2021

          The Executive Committee Meeting   Sreejith  K  N,  Honorary  Joint  Secretary   January 2021. The Executive Committee
          of National Safety Council -  Kerala   announced  the  names  of  Corporate   unanimously elected the Office Bearers
          Chapter was held on 6  February 2021   Members,  Professional  Body,  Workers   of the Chapter for the period 2021-23.
          at Safety Training and Research Centre   Organisation,  Life  and  Individual
          (STARC). Shri. P Pramod, Chairman,   members elected by the Annual
          NSC-KC welcomed the gathering. Shri.   General  Body  Meeting  held  on  30

          A view of Executive Committee Meeting

          6   National Safety Council - Kerala Chapter
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