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Editor’s Desk 5

                                                   Journal of Safety Science and
                                                   Fire Research Editorial
                                                   Board Members 6

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                                                    h-\-h-Â-¡-c-W-hpw- 7

         Cover theme:
         International Day for
         Disaster Risk Reduction                    kv-Iq-fn-se kp-c-£;               Activities of NSC-KC 21
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         Editorial Board

         Dr. Ramesh V M (Editor)
         Shri. Dilip Madhavan (Assistant Editor)
         Shri. A Manaf Abdulla (Member)                                               Awareness Campaign 26
         Shri. Prof. (Dr.) V R Renjith (Member)     Po-hn-X- km-bm-Ów- F-§s\
                                                    B-kzm-Zy-I-c-am-¡mw-... 14
         Shri. Jayakumar G (Member)                                                   Electrical Safety Accidental
                                                                                      Causes And Prevention 28

                                                                                      An Overview of Process Safety
                                                                                      Management Aspects in
                                                                                      Chemical Industry 30

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                                                    {]Xnhn[nIfpw 16

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