To organise training programmes, lectures, seminars, conferences, competitions and other activities for promoting safety in industry and other fields of human endeavour;

To locate effective methods of safety, protection and health and propagate them among industrial employees managements and other interested organisations;

To conduct educational campaigns to arouse public opinion and interest of the employees, employers and the general public in safety;

To encourage and recognise excellence in safety performance by organisations and individuals;

To enlist the co-operation and support of public and private organisations interested in the promotion of industrial safety, road safety, home safety etc;

To suggest improvement, calculated to prevent accidents in the central and state laws, procedures and practices.

Serving the Society by creating a preventive culture, scientific mindset and organized approach to Safety, Health and Environment issues, It is our belief that these issues are a Humanitarian concern. We equally believe that their effective addressal is greatly facilitated if their intrinsic relationship with quality and productivity is well demonstrated.

Building a national movement on Safety, Health and Environment to prevent and mitigate loss of life, human suffering and economic losses, and providing support services.