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     Chairman's Message

Shri. P Pramod
A deep sense of responsibility fills me as I take on the Chairman’s role of the Kerala Chapter of the NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL.

It is our commitment to create a culture of Safety in all walks of our life. While this is necessary to ensure that we enjoy lives that are not unduly affected by accidents, it also contributes to improving our social indices and overall wealth. Safety needs to be so embedded in our work practices that this becomes one of the ‘soft’ attractions for investors to come to Kerala. While competing on global levels, our safety practices and welfare efforts in the workplace are key to encouraging International players to source goods from us. What is good for our workforceis good for our process efficiencies and, in turn, is good for our businesses.

Safe practices are the result of the choices that we make. I urge all our members and readers to consciously remind ourselves on a daily basis to choose safe practices whether it bein our homes, on our roads, in our schools, our workplaces, our playgrounds and even in our places of worship. It is only through such conscious self-discipline that we can eventually make Safety a habit. And only if Safety becomes a habit can we claim that we have a culture of Safety.

We are traditionally known to be cautious and risk-averse. Let us make this a winning advantage and positively use this to work towards being recognised for our Safe practices.

I wish and urge all our members to have a Safe year ahead. Director of Factories & Boilers, Government of Kerala

P. Pramod,


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