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Annual Report 2020-2021

              ii)  Professional Bodies/Institutions:- The Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers
                 [IIChE] was nominated by the General Body in the category of the Professional
                 Body with the support of majority of the members.  Since the Institute is not a
                 member of the NSC, it agreed to take NSC membership soon.
              b.  Workers’ Organisation:-  1
                 As per the bye-law only one workers’ organization can be elected to the Executive
                 Committee.  Shri. P P Aliyar nominated Ernakulam District Industrial & Engineering
                 Workers’  Union  and  Shri.  Jabbar  M  M  nominated  FACT  Employees  Association.
                 Voting held by raising hands and the FACT Employees Association won 35 votes and
                 was elected to the Executive Committee in the category of Workers Organisation.
              c.   Individual/Life Members: - 2
             The following persons were further nominated to the Executive Committee of the NSC
             (KC) by the General Body for a term of three years.
              1.   Dr. Ramesh V M, Individual Member [IM-KLA-47]  &
              2.  Mr. A Abdul Manaf, Life Member [LM-KLA-62]
          4.   Appointment of Auditors for the year 2020-2021.
          4.1  It was decided in the meeting to reappoint M/s Pankajakshan & Associates, Chartered
             Accountants, Kochi as Auditor of the Chapter  for the year 2020-2021, with a
             remuneration of Rs.9,500/- for the Annual Audit.
          5.   Any other item
          5.1  Membership:- Dr Ramesh V M, Individual Member sought to know the number of
             new members enrolled during the tenure of outgoing committee. He pointed out
             the security threat in publishing the full address of the committee members on the
             Chapter’s website and suggested that only the member’s name and their membership
             number would suffice to protect their identity and privacy. The Honorary Secretary
             appreciated the suggestion and agreed to make the required changes in the website.
         5.2  Address by the Honorary Secretary:- At the end of the meeting the Honorary Secretary
             addressed the gathering. He remarked that Professional bodies like NSC worked at a
             great peril and loss due to the devastating pandemic. Despite the bad situation, the
             Chapter was able to make a small surplus of its corpus at the end of the year.  This
             was achieved with the sincere cooperation of the members.  He had served the NSC
             as a Secretary for nine years and as Treasurer for three years and thanked all the
             former Office Bearers, the Government of Kerala and the sponsors for their support to
             complete the Chapter’s own building [STARC].
          5.2.1 He  further  narrated  his  efforts  to  bag  the  BBS  training  for  the  TCC  employees  for
             which he had spoken with the GM, TCC and how a member of the HSE Forum got away
             with the contract.  The Honorary Secretary appealed to the members that the Forum
             should never forget NSC [KC] as it is a part of NSC [KC].  Dr. Ramesh V M, Convener, HSE
             Forum admitted that it was he who run the training programme for the TCC personnel
             alluded to by the Honorary Secretary as he had no knowledge about the discussion
             by the latter with the TCC who had contacted him much earlier.  He lamented that the

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