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Annual Report 2020-2021

          per the bye-law.  The Secretary clarified that as per Clause 25 of the bye-law, under normal
          circumstances  “the  Chairman  or  in  his  absence  one  of  the  Vice-Chairmen  shall  preside
          over the meeting.” The Honorary Secretary further clarified that in the absence of both the
          Chairman and Vice Chairmen, the chapter can decide who to preside over though it is not
          explicitly mentioned in the bye-law.
          Thereafter the Committee moved on to discuss the following items in the agenda:-
          1.   Confirmation of the minutes of the 45  Annual General Meeting
          1.1.  The Honorary Secretary read out the minutes of the meeting held on 8  November,
             2019 at Safety Training and Research Centre.  After deliberating on certain points, the
             minutes were approved after having proposed by Shri. K M George and seconded by
             Shri. C K Krishnan.
          2.   Consideration and adoption of Annual Report and Audited Statements of Accounts for
             the year ended 31  March, 2020.
          2.1  The Honorary Secretary presented the Annual Report for the year 2019-2020.  He
             narrated the activities of the Chapter during the period under review.  In the year 2019-20,
             a total of 3216 persons were trained.  44 Supervisors attended the Certificate Course
             for Supervisors to be employed in Hazardous Process Industries under SECTION 41C[b]
             of the FACTORIES ACT, 1948 and 157 employees attended the Govt. approved First Aid
             Course.  He briefed about the meeting arranged on 28  April, 2019,  on the “World Day
             for Safety and Health at Work”  to honour the past Chairmen, Honorary Secretaries and
             Sponsors for their sincere and voluntary efforts and exceptional leadership to help
             raise funds to have own building for the Council, which is a great achievement. He
             added that the “RUN FOR SAFETY” organized by the HSE Forum in association with
             the Chapter and the Department of Factories and Boilers, Government of Kerala in
             Kochi City was another feather in the cap of the National Safety Council, Kerala Chapter.
             He also briefed about the first anniversary celebrations of Safety Training & Research
             Centre  (STARC)  and  National  Safety  Day.  The  Honorary  Secretary  complimented
             the Office Bearers and the Safety Council team for coordinating and managing the
             Safety Day function in the absence of Chairman, Vice Chairmen and Secretary due to
             unavoidable circumstances and health issues.
          2.2  Dr K P S Nair raised an issue about the conducting of “Run for Safety” pointing out that
             the expense incurred was too high even though the programme was sponsored by
             two member industries, namely, Cochin Shipyard Ltd. and Petronet LNG Ltd.  In a light
             vein, he suggested reducing the distance in future to minimize expenses.  In reply, the
             Honorary Secretary contended that our Brand Name was more significant than the
             expenses incurred. Nevertheless, he appreciated the suggestion given by Dr K P S Nair
             and agreed to re-work the distance which would be conducted in the Tripunithura-
             Kakkanad stretch for the next event.
         2.3  Shri. Jayakumar G from FACT UC raised a query about the status of the report
             submitted by the three member committee of Shri. B Ummer, Shri. Jackson A L and
             Shri. A V Naizu constituted by the Executive Committee held on 27.7.2019 for reviewing
             the remuneration schemes of training faculty and audit team, preparing nominal roll

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