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Annual Report 2020-2021

             of experts under different divisions of NSC and to define the Job Description and role
             and responsibilities of the staff.
          2.4   Shri. Jackson one of the members of the above mentioned committee lamented that
             the Chapter did not co-operate with the Committee, no records were given and the
             committee has to fend for itself. He mentioned that the honorarium paid to the faculty
             members ranged from one thousand to ten thousand and there was no fixed slab for
             the same. The quality of the training programmes was very poor.  He even questioned
             the caliber/competence of some of the faculty members nominated from the executive
             committee. He pointed out that Cochin Shipyard Ltd was hesitant to award training
             contracts to NSC-KC due to this fact. He further pointed out that the chairman’s photo
             was badly edited, which tarnished his image and was disrespectful.  He further added
             that Shri. Madhu S Nair, CMD of CSL, Shri. Sreejith N, CGM - SR and himself were not
             aware of the Samoohya Suraksha Award function.  He alleged nepotism in the conduct
             of training programmes by the Chapter and attributed this to the absence of the
             Chairman in the function. He accused that everything  was being done in a cavalier
             manner which would only alienate the members from the Chapter.
             Countering the allegation, the Honorary Secretary informed the gathering that
             Shri. Madhu S Nair and Shri. Sreejith were informed about the Award function and
             that Shri. Nair called him to convey that he was unable to attend the meeting and
             that Director (Technical), CSL was assigned to attend the function in his behalf.  The
             secretary also explained the situation in which the Chairman’s photo had to be edited
             using Photoshop. He added that it was removed as soon as the chairman expressed his
             displeasure/pointed out the lacunae
             The Secretary thanked all members for their whole-hearted support and co-operation
             in successfully coordinating the various activities of the Kerala Chapter and requested
             for their continued support in the future as well.
             Later the Annual Report 2019-20 was taken up for approval and with Shri PP Aliyar,
             District Industrial Engineering Workers’ Union proposing  and Shri. K K Dharmarajan,
             Cochin Harbour Workers” Union seconding it, the report was approved unanimously by
             the General Body.
          2.5  The Honorary Treasurer then presented the Audited Statements of Accounts of the
             Chapter for the financial year 2019-20 which ended on 31  March, 2020 as the next
             item on the agenda.
          2.6  Dr K P S Nair pointed out that the auditor’s fee was not shown in the expenditure side
             of the balance sheet and sought to know if it was paid.  He also flagged the decreasing
             revenue from the In-plant training.  He suggested that the stipend given to the Engineer
             Trainees could be clubbed with the Salary of the staff and the AMC rate excluded from
             the Repairs and Maintenance A/c.  He also enquired about the Loan given to Palakkad
             Action Centre (PAC) which was written off from the account.
         2.7  Shri. Lijo George, Synthite Industries [P] Limited commented that there was no clarity in
             presenting the Annual Report and the Statement of Accounts by the respective office
             bearers who were unable to clarify the doubts being raised in the meeting by the members

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