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Annual Report 2020-2021

          2.8  Shri. M Thomas Kadavan, The Honorary Secretary replied that the office bearers were
             may not have all the details as they were working in honorary capacity and have
             other engagements and that the Manager [Administration] handles the day to day
             functioning of the Chapter. He requested the members to convey their queries to the
             Chapter’s office, before the AGM so that the same could be clarified in the AGM. The
             General Body agreed the suggestion.
         2.9  This was appreciated by Dr. K P S Nair who requested the Chapter to make available the
             draft annual report and the balance sheet to the members well in advance to enable
             them to prepare their queries.
         2.10  Dr. K P S Nair also sought to know if the Chapter maintains the asset register, to
             which the Honorary Treasurer and Secretary replied that such a register was being
             maintained for the purpose of calculating the value of the assets by the Audit team.
         2.11  Dr. K P S Nair had a query on the Subvention received from the headquarters which
             was not mentioned in the income and expenditure statement.  The Honorary Secretary
             replied that the amount was received from the headquarters after auditing and due to
             oversight it was not mentioned in the statement of account.
         2.12  After deliberations, the Audited Statements of Accounts of the Chapter for the financial
             year 2019-20 was unanimously approved by the AGM as proposed by Shri. Jeevaraj
             Nambiar of Kaveri Corporation and seconded by Shri. T G Benny Behanan of Cochin
             Harbour Workers Union.
          3.   The AGM further proceeded to elect members to the next Executive Committee of the
             Chapter in accordance with the Bye-law.
          3.1  Election was held for the following positions for a term of three years.
             a.   Corporate Members:-    Industrial Establishments (8)  &
                                      Professional Bodies/Institutions (1)
              i)   Industrial Establishments:- Shri. A L Jackson, representative from Cochin Shipyard
                 Ltd. submitted a panel with the names of the following industrial establishments
                 to the Executive Committee of the NSC (KC), for a term of three years.
              1.  BPCL Kochi Refinery
              2.  Cochin Shipyard Ltd
              3.  FACT - Cochin Division
              4.  FACT - UC
              5.  Petronet LNG Limited
              6.  Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd.
              7.   Peekay Steel Castings (P) Ltd.  &
              8.  Synthite Industries [P] Ltd.
             The members of the General Body were asked to raise their hands if they supported
             the panel submitted by Shri Jackson and majority of the members raised their hands
             approving the panel. The Honorary Secretary appreciated the initiative taken by
             Shri. A L Jackson.

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