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One Day Training Programme on First Aid for Employees of KEIL
                                                                               The National Safety Council (Kerala
                                                                               Chapter) organized One Day Training
                                                                               Programme on First Aid on 12th
                                                                               March,  2021      at  Safety  Training  and
                                                                               Research Centre (STARC), Irumpanam
                                                                               for Employees of KEIL. The session
                                                                               was handled by Dr. A P Varma and
                                                                               included theory and practical sessions.
                                                                               Thirty two participants  attended the
                                                                               programme.   Nineteen  Participant
                                                                               attended the training.
         One Day Training Programme on First Aid by Dr. A P Varma.

                         HSE Forum Monthly Evening Talk – February 2021
                                                                               The National Safety Council Kerala
                                                                               Chapter in association with HSE Forum-
                                                                               Kerala conducted HSE forum Monthly
                                                                               Evening Talk on 20  February 2021
                                                                               on  online  platform.    Dr.  Ramesh  V
                                                                               M, Honorary Secretary, NSC-KC and
                                                                               Convenor HSE forum-Kerala welcomed
                                                                               the  gathering.  Dr.  Babu  Jose,  Dy.
                                                                               General Manager [Production], FACT
                                                                               Ltd. presented the webinar on the
                                                                               topic  “An  overview  of  Process  Safety
                                                                               Management Aspects in Chemical
                                                                               Industries”.   Sixty   six   participants
          HSE- Forum Monthly Evening Talk by Dr. Babu Jose.                    attended the meeting.

         Presentation for Excellence in Safety Management
         The   Presentation  for  Excellence  V M, Honorary Secretary, NSC-KC,   Ernakulam, Department of Factories
         in  Safety  Management  award  was   Shri. L Shanil Lal CGM (Mech/Civil/  and  Boilers,  Govt.  of  Kerala.  Six
         conducted   on   Wednesday    24 th   MSS)/Factory  Manager  Hindustan  industries across Kerala were present
         February 2021 at Safety Training and   Organic Chemicals Ltd. & Executive   for the presentation.
         Research  Centre  (STARC).  The  Judges   Committee Member NSC- KC and
         of the presentation were Dr. Ramesh   Shri. Nithish Devaraj, Senior Inspector,

         Judges reviewing the presentation               Presentation on Excellence in Safety Management

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